KarmaKult /aboutus


KarmaKult was formed in May 2013 by Markus van Elsen and Franziska Köppen in Wuppertal, Germany.

KarmaKult describe their music as Elektro Kraut or Psychedelic Electronica, containing elements of Beat Science, Glitch, Blues, Ambient, Hip Hop, Jazz and Art Rock.

KarmaKult music generates from one-take-live-impro-sessions. An experiment that values the direct intuitive creating.
Sometimes the two multiinstrumentalists choose special dates or self given motives as intentional outlines to create immediate musical photographs, accepting flux and noise as chance, not knowing which sounds our structures might evolve or which instruments we’re about to play, before the set unfolds.

Shamans in sneakers in search of light,
dancing at the rim of the unknown.

KarmaKult understand music as a form of an intermediate energy-transcending process, or magic if you like, and a connection to something that can be perceived in the deeper subconscious. Something out of nothing.

KarmaKult uses a variety of electronic and analogues instruments, soundmachines, toys and tools.
The elements of flux in our music are only controllable or reproducible to a limited extend. In order to preserve those intuitive yet unpredicted events within the process, we play, compile and record our music live and on the fly.
The intention is an ad most organic approach at electronic music – a dualism of static mantra-like elements and more fluid broken sounds.